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The Clients module helps you quickly navigate through your existing clients. With user-friendly shortcut buttons you can: add and edit clients’ information, keep track of clients’ representatives, give special prices, manage headquarters and delivery addresses.
Shipping companies
The information tab gives you an immediate overview of the shipping company you add or edit. You have the possibility to add multiple package types per shipment company.
A quick overview of your employees is available in the users list. It gives you an easy access to their personal as well as contact information and their decision making role in your business.
The product categories list gives a swift overview of the category tree of your products. You can reorganize the tree and rename categories in case you decide to change their names.
This module offers you a full cycle of the most important steps that you make in order to create offers and send orders to your clients. The cycle has four steps.
Specially made for saving and structuring your time is the Projects module. You have the opportunity to create projects with requirements, budgets, durations, and keep track of the stakeholders involved in the projects.
You can easily add up to date foreign currencies exchange rates that your business has interest in. DKK, SEK, CHF, USD, PLN, EUR are just a few examples. An exchange rate history is available for getting a general overview and keeping track of major changes in the exchange rates.
Our brain is our most important tool. That is why RetimeERP is equipped with the Articles module. Using it, you can build a knowledge base relevant for your business articles and help your employees become better at what they do. Every employee gets fast access to information and stays up to date with the latest news and trends.
Help / Wiki
RetimeERP is simple to use, and can be extremely efficient once you know all the hidden goodies. This is where the Wiki module helps. You and your employees benefit greatly by having an online company encyclopedia where you can get all the workarounds in RetimeERP. You can extend it at any time, and expose parts of it to your clients if this will help your business save time and money.