Expanding to Denmark
has never been faster!

✓   Get high-quality and industry specific lead suggestions.
✓   All companies from all industries within Denmark.
✓   Leads' contact information at your fingertips.

Contact more leads in less time!

Benefit from the power of self-learning algorithms and get lists with high quality and industry specific leads. Whenever you need them! Browse our database with all companies from all industries in Denmark. Filter through it with over a dozen filters, from geographic locations to industry codes. Connect with your CRM and save time from entering data manually. Advance your workflow with our built-in sales processing features.


Company search engine

Our massive database contains all companies from all industries within Denmark. You will never miss a lead again, and call essential ones only. Using over a dozen filters you can effortlessly narrow your lists with companies and never call an irrelevant company again. Lower the chance of calling the wrong phone number. We update our database regularly and genuine data is collected from the best sources continuously. Get the detailed information that you need: web pages, number of employees, revenue & profit numbers, addresses, VAT numbers, industries, descriptions and more.


Lead suggestion

Discover new niches and markets. Our revolutionary self-learning algorithm will provide contact information of companies that you did not suspect could become your clients. With lightning speed, our system will build up a list of suggestions with high quality leads. Save the time you spend in searching and browsing the Internet. Overcome the dullness of lead generation. Generated leads are personalized and influenced by your favourite filters.


Software integration

You already established your sales workflow and you want to improve it. That's wonderful. Let us help you skip the Internet search and browse part of lead generation. Just get the company data from us and start contacting. You already have purchased software? - no problem. We easily integrate with established CRM systems like: Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. Our list of possible integrations grows continuously.


Sales management

Be always up to date with your funnel. The integrated sales management tools allow you to follow and structure leads throughout your whole sales process. Syncronize the work between multiple employees. By following a sales pipeline and activity overview, users can keep track of colleagues’ and their own sales activities. All of your contacts secured in one place. The contact management function can be used as an address book where all contact information per lead is stored centrally. Always have a full picture of your business relations. Take notes, log calls and emails, and stay in touch with your customers.

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  • High quality data
  • Save time
  • Find matching leads
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Constantly update data
  • All information in one place


  • Basic
    • 200 Company searches
    • 50 Lead suggestions
    • Basic filters
    • Multiple Contact
    • 5 Users included

    49€ / 369DKK
    per month
    14 Day Trial
  • Professional
    • 600 Company searches
    • 150 Lead suggestions
    • Basic filters
    • Advanced filters
    • Multiple Contact
    • 10 Users included

    119€ / 889DKK
    per month
    14 Day Trial
  • Custom
    • > 600 Company searches
    • > 150 Lead suggestions
    • Basic filters
    • Advanced filters
    • Multiple Contact
    • > 10 Users included

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Meet the team

  • Hristo Petev
  • Miglena Zlatanova
    Sales & Marketing Director
  • Diana Faur
    Board Member
  • Alexandra Hacman
    Marketing Manager
  • Andreas Nielsen
    Sales representative
  • Kaloyan Georgiev
    UX Designer

Who are we?

Rithos is a software development company specialized in sales intelligence. We have a never ending passion for the automation of human work and we always seek innovation and efficiency. Our diverse and international team believes in creative problem solving and has the goal to improve our customers’ sales process. The sales intelligence software combines a wide variety of useful tools that optimize your sales activities. It will help you find new leads, structure your processes, and create new opportunities. Our highly skilled team is always available to help you. Feel free to contact us in case you have any question.


We create tools that assist you in seeing how automated systems take your business to next level of creativity and efficiency. Our personalised software serves your needs, allowing you to focus on the services that you provide and achieve your goals. We will work together to develop the perfect solution for you.


We strive for a world where people contribute in a creative and meaningful matter, free from the drudgery of repetitive tasks, delegating them to computers.


Embrace time!

How to find us?

Phone: +45 50 10 17 26

Work hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 to 17:00

Porcelænshaven 26
2000, Frederiksberg