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Every growing business loses track of its structure and data. As a result departments within the enterprise start using various standard software services or spreadsheets to satisfy their needs. Our solution to these issues is integrating a customized company specific ERP that serves all unique needs of the business .In addition, it collects all the data in one place, accessible from everywhere.


Automation and Customization

If you answer “YES” to any of the questions on the left, then you are in the need for a customised automated software. When something is worth doing more than once, then it is worth building a tool for it. Automation saves time, money, labour and resources, while improving quality, accuracy and precision. If you are uncertain which processes could be automated, our team will consult you in this endeavour.


Software enforcing structure

You are not a one man company anymore, you now have employees and the number is increasing. This results in complications, miscommunication and unstructured procedures. Are you trying to fix these obstructions? What you need is to acquire a software instrument, that organizes rigorously your everyday work.



Consultations are the key to the successful building of your ERP system. Using our years of experience, we provide you with a system having every fundamental component a company wants. The industry specific elements are born from our joint effort through meetings and planning. Since you know your firm the best, all company specific functionalities of the ERP will be designed through in depth interviews.


Data migration and Data Backup

We at Rithos know how priceless your data is! It is the most valuable asset you possess. Data is the “new diamond”. Therefore, after evaluating the capacity of your data, we can offer you a smooth transfer from your old storage to the new system. The migrated data is safely kept and you will have instantaneous access to it.

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Birgitte Grangier
Managing Director of FreshOranges

FreshOranges have been working with Rithos for several years and it is a highly valuable collaboration. Rithos took over the development of our ERP system as we were having problem with the company that started the project. The transfer went very smoothly and ever since, the system has been further improved and new features and functionalities are added on a regular and timely basis. As our ERP system is a key tool for us, we truly appreciate the level of expertise, the flexibility in solving problems and finding solutions and we look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship.

Patrick Frey
Owner of Megamedia

Megamedia has worked for the past year on different projects with Rithos. During this time we have had several client based shopping websites completed as well as a custom made ERP for handling all orders as well as products and clients. We have only positive comments for this collaboration. Rithos are excellent at interpreting our desires and turning them it into reality as well as making thoughts understandable by visualizing them live on screen.

Who are we?

Rithos is an ERP development company that has never ending passion for automation of human work.We strive for a world where people contribute in a creative and meaningful way, free from the drudgery of repetitive tasks delegating them to computers. Therefore Rithos’s mission is to create tools that assist you in seeing how automated systems take your business to the next level in creativity and efficiency. Our personalised software serves your needs allowing focus on the services you provide and achieving your goals. We will work together to choose the perfect solution for you.

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